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The Keystone Program in Personalized Kidney Cancer Therapy

As of June 2014, the Keystone Programs have been discontinued at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

The Fox Chase depth of research continues in a new direction.

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Dr Uzzo, Dr Testa, Dr Hudes

The Opportunity

“We envision an ongoing cycle of clinical and scientific advances — a translational research effort built upon years of expertise in patient care and laboratory practice.” – Robert Uzzo, M.D.

More than 58,000 Americans will be diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2010. Most people with primary kidney tumors have no symptoms. Unfortunately, this means that nearly 50 percent are not diagnosed until after it has spread outside the kidney to nearby or distant sites. More than 13,000 Americans die from kidney cancer every year.

To improve kidney cancer survival rates, scientists must find new ways to detect it earlier and more effective ways to treat it. This is particularly true for renal cell carcinoma, the most common type of kidney cancer. RCC accounts for 85 percent of all kidney cancers. It originates in cells lining the inside of the renal tubules, the filtering units in kidneys that remove waste products from blood.

Scientists and clinicians in the Keystone Program in Personalized Kidney Cancer Therapy are working together to discover and understand fundamental biological mechanisms that trigger the development and spread of kidney cancer. Their immediate goal is to identify molecular signals that can predict how a patient will respond to therapy. Knowing the molecular signature of the tumor will help physicians select the most effective treatment for each patient. The program's long-term goal is to develop new diagnostic tests and targeted therapies that will help more people survive this deadly type of cancer.

Learn more about the Keystone Program in Personalized Kidney Cancer Therapy.

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