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The Keystone Program in Personalized Risk and Prevention

As of June 2014, the Keystone Programs have been discontinued at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

The Fox Chase depth of research continues in a new direction.

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Margie L. Clapper, Ph.D. (left), Mary B. Daly, M.D., Ph.D. (right)

The Opportunity

"Cancer is by its nature a genetic disease, and genetic counseling – combined with the potential means of managing or preventing cancer – is an empowering tool for patients and their families." – Mary Daly, M.D., Ph.D.

The Keystone Program in Personalized Risk and Prevention unites two highly successful programs in family risk assessment and chemoprevention at Fox Chase in order to accelerate the discovery of biomarkers – molecular markers that could signal the early onset of cancer – and develop risk reduction strategies that are tailored to the profile and personal values of the individual. The ultimate goal of this Keystone Program is to bridge the gap between the Fox Chase's current clinical programs in family risk for cancer and basic prevention research programs in order to decrease cancer incidence and mortality.

Prevention Matters Newsletter

Click here to view Prevention Matters, the newsletter of the Risk Assessment Program. The newsletter is published twice a year and is sent to all current and former participant of our Risk Assessment Program. board members, and others in various cancer organizations. Each issue features current news stories related to our high risk cancer areas (breast/ovarian, prostate, GI, lung, and melanoma), latest information on genetic testing, community cancer-related events, and special sections on chemoprevention and prostate cancer. Through our newsletter we communicate results from our research studies to our participants and their families.

As the creator of a comprehensive Risk Assessment Program, the first such cancer-risk program in the country, Fox Chase has become an international leader among cancer care providers in detecting genetic cancer risk and providing counseling on risk reduction. Over the years, the program has compiled a wealth of information on over 100,000 individuals (10,000 families) at increased risk of breast, ovarian, colorectal, prostate or skin cancer. Likewise, the Chemoprevention Research Program at Fox Chase, one of the nations first basic research programs in chemoprevention, has gained national recognition for its expertise in biomarker identification, animal modeling, preventive therapeutic intervention, and early detection.

RAP education website now available

Figure 1. Dr. Harvey Hensley, pointing to an image of a mouse's colon showing a small tumor.

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All participants in our Risk Assessment Program are encouraged to visit our RAP education website prior to their appointment. Patients who have an appointment at Fox Chase Cancer Center will be provided with a secure login to enable them to complete their health history questionnaires online. Visitors to the site (those without a Risk Assessment appointment already scheduled) are welcome to explore the information on the website (no login required).

This website will help you:

If you'd like more information about our education website, please email

Learn more about the Keystone Program in Personalized Risk and Prevention.

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